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300 students founded 34 startups in 1 year

With our action-oriented entrepreneurship training, StartHub enabled 300 students from 7 Ugandan universities to plan and build 34 businesses. We identified an approach which gives results and we need your support to scale up. With your contribution, we can continue building this self-sustainaning & early-stage startup support.

Our crowdfunding giraffe Giri guides you on this journey to Uganda!

Join Giri on her entrepreneurship journey!

"Hello everyone, Giri speaking! I warmly invite you to an exciting entrepreneurship journey!
I travelled to 6 places in Uganda to meet our startups and the StartHub team!
Scroll down to and be part of this journey!"

Kyambogo University
Do not fear to fail

"When I heard of the impact story taking place at Kyambogo amidst these amazing Jacaranda trees, ... I had to go and visit them! Meet Afrika21, a dream team that has turned their passion-for-fashion into a running business!"

Kampala International University
You will not fail if you solve a real customer problem

"I was impressed with the SegTech Team from KIU - they improved an existing tool and made work on the field for farmers so much easier! Without pumping and much more comfort they now save time and effort!"

Uganda Christian University
When failure happens, courage to continue is what counts!

"Let me take you on a surprise visit to Mukono, to meet Kevin from Ugandan Christian University. He tried to run this business before but had failed. Today he sells thousands of backpacks and employs 15 people, mostly widows and vulnerable women. After eight months? Wow!!!"

Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement
Business ideas that drive positive change are everywhere!

"Today I take you to a refugee settlement close to the Congolese border. Matata Bwema, graduate of Bugema University and Congloese refugee is passionate about training more people in entrepreneurship. His own business Amkeni Group sells the healthy leaves and seeds of the moringa trees - they harvest those around and planted more than 300 of their own!"

Uganda Martyrs Univerity
Success is what follows us if we follow our dreams

"Today I am taking you to a safari trip organized by Rada Safaris, a startup founded by our student Mugabma Rada. He wondered why all those Safari Cars are filledd up with people from outside Uganda?! And then found a way to offer low-budget safaris for locals! Such a good idea as Uganda's beauty should be enjoyed by everyone, especially also Ugandans. See for yourself!"

StartHub Office Kampala and in the world!
Collaborating for change

"Wow, that was quite a journey! Let me head back and ask my team what they are fighting for so hard! I am meeting the guys in our Kampala office and already scheduled some video calls with those supporting us remotely in 5 countries around the world! Just see what drives us at StartHub, here in Kampala and out there in the world!"

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