Boost Entrepreneurship in Africa
StartHub Africa is the first entrepreneurship
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Tackle these challenges together with us!

70% youth unemployment rate

400,000 young Ugandan enter the job market annually, for a mere 9,000 new jobs each year.

Most entrepreneurial country in the world

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), 28% of adults in Uganda own or co-own a new business.

High startup failure rate

A fifth of Ugandan individuals aged 18-64 have also discontinued a business in the past year.

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We turn job seekers into job creators

We are fighting youth unemployment in Africa bottom-up, starting with the individual student. We are building up a supportive ecosystem to give students the chance to successfully grow their business and create innovation in the long-term. This ecosystem consists of three main pillars:

Semester-long Academy at universities

During the semester-long entrepreneurship academy, final-year students from African universities are building up their business in an action-oriented way with 100€ of initial funding that they invest themselves.

Countrywide pitching competition

All participating teams present their business ideas at the annual pitch event. Here, they get in touch with potential investors, like-minded peers and entrepreneurship experts.

Accelerator program

The best teams are selected to take part in the StartHub accelerator. They can get further teaching, personal coaching as well as an introduction to the valuable network we are providing.

The social innovation - Disrupting the way of fighting youth unemployment

This is implemented in an action-oriented way inspired by the STEP training developed by Prof. Frese (University of Lüneburg). STEP serves as a model for the StartHub project. It was the first action-oriented entrepreneurship training implemented on a large scale in East and West Africa. The research projects by Prof. Frese describe the STEP program and evaluate its success. Their studies showed evidence of an increase in job creation and business ownership, they were able to yield 88 additional jobs in one year for each 100 participants trained.

StartHub Africa - Vision 2020

StartHub Africa goes further and extends this successful approach to a full scope entrepreneurship platform for Africa. We aim to pave the way for a whole ecosystem among African entrepreneurs.

5+ African countries

40+ universities

1000+ created jobs

Support young African entrepreneurs!

After half a year of work, our programm is running at five universities in Uganda. Another 5 are joining in the beginning of 2018, which will make us the biggest entrepreneurship network across universities in East Africa. Join us on our journey, it has only just begun! We want you on board, no matter if as an investor trying to leverage the dormant development potential at many universities, as part of our team or as a sparring partner introducing your competence in the field.

Fight unemployment

Our Team

We are six young professionals and researchers from TU & LMU in Munich, Harvard and Oxford armed with a wide range of entrepreneurial skills, experienced mentors supporting us and a broad network to build on. Alongside our great skillset, passion and energy, we also exhibit work experience in various African countries. Also, we have two great ambassadors who support our operations in Uganda.

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